Board of directors

Board of directors

The board of directors determines the values and strategy of the Company, supervises and monitors the organization and execution thereof, decides on the risk profile and key policies of the Company, decides on the executive management structure and determines the powers and duties entrusted to the executive management.

The board of directors convenes as often as the interest of the Company requires and in any case at least four times a year. The functioning of the board of directors is regulated by the articles of association and the provisions of the Corporate Governance Charter.

The board of directors has installed a number of committees to assist the board with the analysis of specific issues. These committees advise the board on the relevant topics, but the decision authority remains with the board of directors as a whole.

In principle, the decisions are taken by a simple majority of votes. However, the board of directors strives to take the resolutions by consensus.

In accordance with the Corporate Governance Charter the directors are deemed to avoid, to the extent possible, to perform any actions, to defend certain positions, and to pursue certain interests, if this would conflict, or would give the impression of conflict, with the interests of Telenet. If such conflicts of interest would occur, the director concerned shall immediately inform the chairman hereof. The directors shall then comply with the applicable legal provisions of the Belgian Company Code and, in particular, to the extent legally required, abstain from deliberation and voting on the transaction in which the conflict situation arises. The director shall inform the statutory auditor in writing about the conflict of interest. The minutes shall contain the required information and an excerpt shall be published in the annual report.

In accordance with the Corporate Governance Charter, transactions and/or business relationships between directors and one or more companies of the Telenet Group, which do not strictly fall under the application of article 523 of the Belgian Company Code, should always take place at normal market conditions. The director concerned informs the chairman hereof, in advance of such transactions.